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Thomas Raukamp

“Our small selection proves that browser extensions are allowed to satirically enhance everyday surfing instead of always being purely functional – great!”

Make Trump Tweets Eight Again

US President Donald Trump has the linguistic edge of an eight-year-old – not the US, but the British daily newspaper “The Independent” claiming that Report from the data center that analyzed 30,000 words from Trump’s interviews, speeches and press conferences to support this thesis.

What could be more appropriate to make the dreaded tweets of PotUS look like this? Said and done: The expansion “Make Trump Tweets Eight Again” of the US satirical show “The Daily Show” transforms the brief of the Twitter message Trumps in the wake of an eight-year-old. The real-time insight into the thinking of the supposedly most powerful man in the world is equally less threatening.

“Make Trump Tweets Eight Again”: Donald’s Trumps Tweets in their original form.

Availability: Chrome , Firefox


Politicians talk a lot and are polished – and in recent months and years, many new ones have been added, especially on the right-hand edge. Other representatives – especially conservative parties – have since too often vied with them for the most radical statements. But one quickly forgets that in the constant stream of reports.

The Browser Extension wants to help against this kind of memory loss context that is available for installation in the two most popular programs Chrome and Firefox , The clever add-on complements the names of politicians with relative clauses that reveal their true spirit. The former leader of the right-wing populist party AfD, Frauke Petry, receives about the addition “which calls for the shooting order at the border” – complete with a link to an article or Wikipedia entry that wants to prove this statement. The future Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, however, the insertion appears that he once voted against criminalizing marital rape.

This also works quite well and is often eye-opening – but has a problem: The goal of implied quotes seem to be exclusively conservative politicians so far, which makes enlargement itself vulnerable to the accusation of opinion. A mention of the left-wing faction leader Sarah Wagenknecht, for example, lacks an indication of her at least appreciative words for Josef Stalin – may be long ago, Seehofer’s transgressions but also. Annoying: The plug-in developed by the journalists Arne Semsrott and Moritz Klack also does its job in online programs – and logs in when loading texts in the word processor Google Docs and mutilates them.

Gegen Forgetting: Context just adds that to politicians.

Availability: Chrome, Firefox and Safari

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