Add Pixels to Signatures – How To Play Mac

Whether business or private – email signatures are hugely popular as they are an easy way to provide contact information to the recipient without having to re-enter them all the time. In addition to the simple contact information and other texts you can spice up signatures with pictures or logos. We’re happy to show you how to do this with signatures in Mail on Mac.

How to add Add picture elements to signatures in Mail on Mac

First, open the Mail app on your Mac, which you can find in the Dock or in the Applications folder in the Finder.After you start, click on the menu bar at the top of the screen On the entry “Mail” and select the option “Settings”, then click on the tab “Signatures” and then on the plus-symbol to add a new signature or select an existing one to modify.

Now open the Finder and select a picture element, such as a logo, that you would like to use for your signatures in Apple’s mail app. Drag and drop the image file into the signature you are about to create.

You have already created a signature with a picture element that you can now use at any time for your e-mails. You can also leave the settings now.

How to Use Signatures in Mail

When you write an e-mail in Mail, you will see your e-mail address under the subject line and to the right of it the point “signature”. Then select the desired signature from the drop-down menu and it will be inserted at the end of the e-mail.

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