Adjusting the volume balance of your headphones on the iPhone – how it works

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There are various reasons why you want to adjust the balance between the right and left earphones. In addition to hearing problems, of course, one of the headphones may have a hardware error that negatively affects the listening pleasure. To counteract such a problem, Apple has already integrated some time setting options in iOS. We want to show you how to use them.

It does not matter if you hear better in one ear than on the other, or if your headphone has a defect reflected in uneven volumes – Apple lets you counteract the negative effect on the iPhone This works in a few simple steps.

To do this, first open the settings app on your iPhone and go to the menu item “General”. Then tap on “Accessibility.” Then, almost scroll down to the bottom of the menu until you reach the slider to see the volume balance between the right and left channels.

The slider bar allows you to easily and conveniently adjust the volume between the two channels. Drag it to the right or left to adjust the balance to your needs. Please note, however, that the balance will be canceled accordingly for all connected headphones. This is not a problem with hearing loss, but it can temporarily irritate you when switching from a defective headset to a new earphone, depending on the volume setting. In this case, make sure that you have previously set the balance controller back to the middle position.

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