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The free "Adobe Flash Player" plays Flash animations on your PC.

 Adobe Flash Player "src =" data: image / svg + charset = utf-8,% 3Csvg xmlns% 3D'http% 3A% 2F% 2Fwww. 2F2000% 2Fsvg 'viewBox% 3D'0 0 4 3'% 2F% 3E "/> </div><figcaption> Adobe Flash Player </figcaption></figure>
<p>                The "Adobe Flash Player" makes your browser ready for the presentation of Flash content on the Web: Videos, games, animations, interactive applications and entire websites are based on Flash. The player is essential for this as a substructure. </p>
<p> Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Co. are able to play Flash content after installing the player. </p>
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Flash Player: Helpers with Pitfalls
The widespread use of the player makes it a popular target for attacks: Flash regularly makes headlines with new critical security holes – and Adobe patches hard. In order not to become a victim of an attack, you must activate the automatic updates after the installation.

If you want to create Flash content yourself, you can use the professional tool Adobe Flash. Without customization, applications created with Flash run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Supported formats: FLV, SWF.

Recent Changes

Changes in Version 28 will be announced in the official release notes as soon as they are released.

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