Adobe Updates Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic, and XD

Adobe's updates within the Lightroom variants focus on significant performance improvements and should improve existing ones

Since the launch of Lightroom CC last fall on Adobe MAX and the renaming of its predecessor Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe has quickly updated the new application to be the same Achieving features such as with the existing tools.

The new updates also include some feature enhancements for the Android version of Lightroom, some of which will soon be available on iOS.

Lightroom Classic CC has optimized CPU and memory usage, so especially multi-core machines with at least 12 GB of RAM should benefit. In addition, import and preview production and export functions were accelerated. Users can also create collections from folders and keep them in sync with Lightroom CC for mobile devices.

Lightroom CC for Android features a new Geometry tab to correct perspective distortions. This feature will also be available on iOS shortly. Also, on Android, you can search the Lightroom Library with Google Assistant. This will not be possible with iOS, even with Siri.

The Adobe XD prototyping tool has also been updated. It supports vector graphics in Creative Cloud Libraries for the first time, allowing designers to drag-and-drop graphics from the CC Libraries panel in XD to the desktop. There are also three new icon collections.

Creative Cloud members can download the updates now.


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