Adoption of Windows 10 is lower than Microsoft hopes, but is steadily increasing

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Windows 10 was not happy with the success Microsoft was expecting at the launch of 2015, but slowly but surely, the company's current operating system is on the rise. With the replacement of old laptops, tablets, and PCs that came with older versions of Windows, the number of Windows 10 users is growing, now reaching nearly 700 million active devices

The plan that Microsoft presented three years ago was that by 2018, Windows 10 would be present on a billion devices. Given that we are 300 million computers away from this number, it's hard to believe that Microsoft will be able to sell so many licenses by the end of the year. However, in 2019 it is possible that the billion of devices are even overtaken.

At the last count of 2016, Windows 10 was installed on more than 500 million devices, so it had a year-on-year increase of nearly 200 million. If this growth is steady for the foreseeable future, before the end of 2019, Microsoft could complete the plan.

Fortunately, the sale of operating systems is no longer a very important source of revenue for the company. The cloud services market is now a priority, Office 365 subscriptions and Azure solutions for companies bringing the gross revenue to Microsoft at the moment. Office enjoys 135 million active monthly subscribers, also rising from the 120 million registered in October

Given that Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be its latest operating system, which it will update with new features from now on indefinitely, it is not hard to believe that in a few years it will be the only Microsoft operating system used on a large scale. The reason will also be closely related to the new hardware incompatibility with the older versions of Windows, with the new Intel and AMD processors being delivered without official support for the old platforms

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