advanced video editing on phone, tablet and computer

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Adobe is one of the leaders in the creative application market, especially on the video side, where Premiere Pro and After Effects applications are true industry standards. It seems, however, that the market also requires some simpler solutions for less complicated edits to be compatible with a wide range of devices and to provide Internet connectivity for immediate publication. The result is Project Rush, a mobile and desktop application that promises all these things, dedicated to content creators on the go

Rush seems to integrate the best editing parts from Adobe Premiere into a simple interface, adapted to both desktop and mobile work on a touchscreen. At first glance, Project Rush video editor seems to be inspired by the iMovie application on MacOS and iOS, with greater emphasis on advanced editing tools that produce better quality results. At the same time, as the name of the application suggests, speed is very important, the ability to edit quickly and publicly are the key points

Another interesting advantage, which no other video editing application offers, is the cloud sync of the projects and can continue working on any device immediately. Basically, you can start editing a clip on your phone, then cosmetic it on your tablet and export or climb directly to YouTube, Facebook or any other platform on a laptop. Adobe promises and integrates the AI ​​capabilities that other applications in the Creative Cloud suite offer to improve video or audio quality without the need to access complicated menus (probably by removing background noise or automatic color correction)

There is also animated graphics integrated into Project Rush, but we should not expect results similar to those in After Effects. These are some pre-set animations that are likely to be adjusted to better fit the project.

Project Rush will most likely be released this fall, but it's not clear if it will be available for free if it's integrated into the Creative Cloud product range and hidden behind a monthly subscription, or if it's a cost-effective app. The important thing is that we will see Rush on iOS phones and tablets, on Android smartphones and MacOS and Windows 10 computers, and the transition from one device to the other will be extremely simple

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