Smartphone makers do not seem to learn from mistakes. Just a few years ago, Huawei admitted that he had used photographs taken with other cameras to promote the photo capabilities of his phones, and he is now repeating this. An advertisement for the Egyptian market suggests that the photos taken with Huawei Nova 3 are real self-titles, but a blunder proves that they were made with a DSLR


The ad that promotes Huawe Nova 3 includes a couple that makes many selfies with the phone, each photo showing another feature of the AI ​​camera created by the company. Unfortunately, all these snapshots presented as real-life self-tapes are just professional photos taken with a DSLR. But the lie would not have been revealed too soon if the actress who played in the advertisement did not publish Instagram a photo of the shooting.
In this picture we can see exactly the moment when a "selfie" with Nova 3 is made, where the main actor does not hold the phone in his hand, as he approaches his lens on a DSLR device. As a matter of fact, the creative does not specify whether or not the photos are taken with the phone, but does not specify that they are captured using other equipment. Moreover, the fact that certain "AI" functions are mentioned above the images would suggest that the phone has such capabilities.

Huawei said nothing in public but we are most likely to have a standard comment stating that the images were intended for presentation and not the real capabilities of the phone. A similar situation I met last week with Samsung, who published Twitter stock photos purchased from Getty Images as self made with the Galaxy A8

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