After Facebook and Google prohibit ads on virtual coins

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Cryptomonade ads, initial currencies, wallets, and digital transactions will be banned by Google as of June this year to prevent scams. In January 2018, Facebook took the same radical measure.

According to Gandul, Google will ban all virtual currency ads, including bitcoin and ICO (Initial Currencies), in an attempt to prevent fraud

Banning ads will take effect in June. Scott Spencer, Google's Director of Sustainable Advertising, said on the blog: "We've updated a few policies to deal with speculative and unregulated financial advertising, such as binary options, cryptomonas, international exchange markets, and difference contracts (CFD- s) ".

Google has announced that the restriction includes crypto transactions and electronic wallets. Google will also block access to some gambling ads.

Bithoin-like coins, like ethereum, have become increasingly popular in recent years, fueling rapid growth in value. For example, in 2017, bitcoin reached $ 20,000. At the time of publishing this article, the value of a bitcoin unit dropped to $ 8,800 (according to Bitstamp).

Cryptomonas transactions have attracted numerous crooks because they operate on a black market, and ICOs can generate millions of dollars, which disappear overnight, along with administrators of those financial schemes.

Read the continuation in Gândul.

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