After Hillary Teases America With Her Emails – Americans Drop The ‘Resolute’ Hammer


Clinton thought she could taunt us – but she’s not getting away with it.

File this under “Just Plain Weird.” And infuriating!

I guess Hillary Clinton has run out of people who like her in America. Because she had to go to Venice, where they celebrated her in an art exhibit.

But this isn’t what I (or any sane person) would call “art.” It was a replica of the Oval Office Resolute Desk and over 60,000 of her emails.

Um, getting cocky are we, Hillary? You know investigators are still looking at what you did while Secretary of State. Maybe you should be sweating.

She even read some of the emails out loud, making a bogus claim.

From Fox News:

Many on social media had some fun at the expense of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after pictures emerged from her visit to an art exhibit in Venice, Italy, inspired by her tenure in office…

According to Kenneth Goldsmith, the artist behind the exhibit, Clinton “spent an hour” reading her own emails and shared pictures of her visit…

Clinton reportedly told local media that the exhibit “is further proof that nothing wrong or controversial can be found on these emails.”

Yeah, right, Hillary. You had to fly all the way to Venice to find someone who doesn’t think your unlawful email server was a big deal.

Commentators online didn’t let her get away with it:

From Frank Luntz:

And from Jonah Goldberg:

Yes, she should. Unless it was her idea in the first place.

I mean, just look at that picture of her sitting behind the Resolute Desk. Aw, feeling sorry for yourself, ma’am?

You’ll never get to sit behind the real one, so a “replica” is just as good. I guess this is the equivalent of letting a kid ride a fake horse on a Merry-go-round.

It’s totally made up, but at least the kid is having fun.

This really shows you the gall of this woman. She broke the law by sending confidential emails over an unlawful, unsecured, private server.

Even James Comey, former FBI head, said what she did was reckless and against the law.

But here she is, mocking Americans over our demands for justice, reading her emails at an art exhibit.

Who paid money to see this woman read emails? Is there a word for “incredibly rich and dumb”?

Oh yeah, there is: liberal.

Imagine, this woman almost became President of the United States.


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