Against Apple Music: Spotify Comes in Pack with Video Streaming Provider

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The new package includes the Spotify Premium subscription, which comes without webbing and usually costs $ 9.99 a month, as well as Hulu, which comes with smaller ads, but still costs around $ 7.99 a month. With a package price of $ 12.99 you save $ 5 per month. Incidentally, Spotify Prremium subscribers should be given prior access to the offer.

This step is not entirely unexpected. While the music catalog of Apple Music and Spotify is almost identical, both companies are increasingly trying to draw a special position. In addition to the additional music videos, the voice control by Siri and the HomePod Apple has already published some documentaries and first series on the streaming platform last year. In addition, we also report again and again that many new series Apple is in planning. So that Spotify does not lose the connection, the partnership with Hulu is a great enrichment, which could help both companies to a larger number of users. Whether the Swedish company is seeking such cooperation with video streaming partners in other countries is currently uncertain.

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