AirPlay 2 in iOS 1 for iPhone and iPad

End March, before Easter, Apple released the final version of iOS 11.3. Among other things, AirPlay 2 was not included. Although the company from Cupertino had released functions of the transmission standard for multiroom audio (and video) during the several months of the test phase. But the joy did not last long. Already at the end of the test phase, the "mob" could not even try it out and then it became clear that AirPlay 2 would still be coming.

AirPlay 2 in iOS 11.4?

Well, take Apple in the beginning of April with Beta 1 of iOS 11.4 just a new start. True to the lyrics of Westernhagens "Wieder hier" beta testers have already noticed that multiroom audio is back. Of course, this does not mean that the manufacturer actually integrates the function at the end of the test phase.

Accordingly, the coming beta versions remain exciting to keep. At least if you are interested in the HomePod or other AirPlay speakers and multi-room audio setup. Because you can then not only activate the different speakers via the overview screen, but also regulate the volume of individual speakers.

Not without Apple TV?

If you want to try out the new beta feature, then you have to spend your Apple TV on the latest beta software. Because without them it does not seem to work right now. Although Apple has given its HomePod simultaneously with the release of iOS 11.3 also a comprehensive software update. But that did not include support for AirPlay 2. Currently there is no beta software for the HomePod and so only the Apple TV 4 and 4K are able to use AirPlay 2.

Third-party speakers are likely to be released updated by software updates when Apple itself is "ready". For the fact that the iPhone manufacturer AirPlay 2 already announced in the summer of 2017 at the WWDC 2017, comes the proven "what lasts long, is good" used.

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