AirPods go up in the ears of a man

The Apple AirPods are already in the crossfire of criticism. But now supposedly the battery in one of the earphones went through when he was used by a man in Florida during sports. No one was hurt, but the horror was likely to have been great.Unfortunately, Florida-based Jason Colon seems to have something happening The battery from one of his Apple AirPods started smoking when he was in a fitness center, reports US broadcaster WFLA, which belongs to the ABC chain.

It’s hard to tell from the distance if the story really happened the same way, but it’s clear that it makes a difference when a smartphone or a tablet goes down defective batteries go up in flames or a device that puts the user in the ear.

The device should have emitted white smoke. Of course, after Colon noticed, he immediately took the AirPods out of his ears. One of the earphones burst in his appearance after some time.

Of course, the user has had good luck. Thermal runaway with lithium-ion batteries is very rare, but it happens. Apple is currently investigating the problem and has suggested contacting the owner of the AirPod in due course to disassemble the earphones.

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