AirPods receive "Live Listen" feature in iOS 12

Apple AirPods are still a perennial favorite and always out of print. Now Apple will refill and add new features to the wireless earphones. As the website TechCrunch reports, Apple should introduce iOS 12 with the “live-listening” feature for the AirPods. This allows users to use the iPhone as a directional microphone. The audio material is then transferred to the small earphones, so they act as a small hearing aid. Apple attributes the following to the feature:

Whether you’re sitting in a noisy restaurant at dinner or in the full lecture hall at a lecture, with live listening you can tune your Made for iPhone hearing aids exactly you can hear more clearly. In quiet conversations, move your iPhone or iPad closer to those who speak and the built-in microphone amplifies what they say.

At the same time we would like to mention that the AirPods can not replace a real hearing aid even in iOS 12. On the contrary, they serve as little help in everyday life in order to understand the (quiet) counterparts more clearly. For hearing problems, you should therefore contact your doctor and talk to him about possible solutions. For more information about Apple’s efforts on hearing problems, visit this special page. It also provides information on MFi hearing aids.

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