AirPort Express with "AirPlay 2" support? First references …

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App le no hardware update for its wireless router published anymore. It is therefore even more surprising that the AirPort Express now appears in the first beta to iOS 11.4 as a speaker. Both on Reddit and on Twitter, some users confirm this fact. Currently, it is believed that Apple could work on an “AirPlay 2” support for the AirPort Express, so that the device could be used for example for the multi-room audio playback. However, this is not yet certain.

While AirPlay 2 is still in the testing phase, the AirPort Express can not yet be managed in the Home app. Although it appears as an accessory, it can not be added to the home as a new device. The attempt fails in any case. Perhaps a software update on the Express is missing here to enable the function. The situation is similar with the HomePod. The app already shows the stereo feature, but activation is not possible due to the lack of software support from the HomePod.

It should also be noted that the first “iOS 11.4” beta only supports the 2012 AirPort Express. Older models do not even appear in the listing of the home app. In addition, it is also questionable whether Apple will actually provide the support for the “old” network device or not.

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