AirPower, Apple's wireless charger, could only be launched in September

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Apple announced next to the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, its first wireless smartphones and a charging platform for them, which offers the ability to load multiple devices simultaneously. It was presented as "AirPower" and its launch was promised for 2018. Only after half a year almost ended, new information about it emerged, but in unofficial ways, as Apple no longer mentioned in no way this device.

The reason why Apple did not offer a release date for the AirPower charger seems to have been that lately it has been delayed with releases of "secondary" devices such as AirPods and HomePod. So, the company probably expected some development problems, especially for such an ambitious device.

AirPower promises to load three devices simultaneously: an iPhone, an Apple Watch and an AirPods pair of headphones. All of this must be fed by a separate source, and the fact that we are talking about a flat surface suggests that the three sources will overlap in certain areas to ensure full load. Bloomberg has revealed that its sources argue that Apple engineers have not solved this problem and the problem of overheating. Also, to make it possible to load three devices simultaneously with Qi wireless technology, Apple needed to develop a new proprietary chip that controls power transfer

The launch date for AirPower was initially scheduled for June, but the development issues have pushed this now to September, according to Bloomberg. This release window coincides with the release of new iPhone models, and most likely the wireless charging AirPods headset will be launched at the same conference

Meanwhile, many accessories manufacturers like Belkin and Anker seem to make a lot of money from the sale of wireless chargers, and even Samsung has been able to sell many Galaxy handsets to iPhone fans

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