Algeria stopped the internet to prevent copying from exams

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Algerian authorities have taken very strong measures to prevent high school students from cheating on the final exam, the equivalent of the Baccalaureate in Romania. During the tests, the government urged all telecom operators to stop access to the Internet, in addition to the other security systems that were put in place at the entrance to the education and examination rooms

At the end of June, in Algeria, the high school diploma exam took place, attended by 700,000 students in 2,000 examination centers. Since in 2016 the internet was used to publish and disseminate test results just before the start of the exam, the authorities tightened in 2017 the regulations for attending the exam. Students were no longer allowed in the classroom with phone or tablet, and even metal detection, surveillance cameras and mobile jamming systems were installed

In 2018, however, these methods do not seem to be enough, with the decision to completely stop the Internet across the country to eliminate the possibility of cheating. The Internet was stopped every two hours of examination for two hours, and all Internet-dependent institutions and companies to operate were affected. Telecom operators have been subject to these requirements and have warned customers that the reason for temporarily interrupting services is "to ensure good testing for high school diplomas."

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