Aliens could destroy us remotely by a malware message


A team of researchers has published a study showing how civilization on Earth could be destroyed by a hostile alien species without even visiting us. The two authors say that it could send us a message that includes artificial intelligence-based malware

An AI-based alien malware can destroy the internet, electrical networks, or data centers. "Overall, we think the risk is very low (but not zero) and the potential benefit is very high, so we recommend reading such a message," the authors write.

The study, called "Interstellar Communication. IX. Decontamination of Messages is Impossible "shows that a message received from an alien species requires the help of our computers to open, analyze and understand it. If it contains malware, it would spread rapidly around the world. "Decontamination" of such a message, before opening it, would be very difficult, the researchers say.

The study was conducted by two researchers from Germany's Sonneberg Observatory and the University of Hawaii

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And humans, in their turn, sent messages in space in the hope that they will be intercepted by other species in the Universe. The famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking thinks it would be better to keep the "silence" here on Terra. He said aliens could cause the human species to disappear. The contact would be similar to that of Columbus' fleet and the indigenous population of America, which, according to Hawking, "has not finished well."

At the same time, the man who devised some of the NASA-sent maps in space in the 1970s to show them possible terrestrial civilizations fears that they may be dangerous.

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