AliveCor KardiaBand for Apple Watch to Detect High Potassium Values ​​

A second Cleveland Clinic study demonstrates the ability of the cardia ligament to accurately detect atrial fibrillation.

For the potassium study, AliveCor evaluated more than 2 million Mayo Clinic ECGs from 1994 to 2017, paired with four million specific potassium levels and data from an AliveCor Smartphone ECG device to develop an algorithm for hyperkalaemia predict. This works out correctly in 91 to 94 percent of cases.

High potassium in the blood is a sign of several health problems, including heart failure, chronic kidney disease and diabetes. According to AliveCor, hyperkalemia is associated with “significant mortality and a high risk of arrhythmia.”

For the Cleveland Clinic study, cardiologists wanted to find out if KardiaBand for the Apple Watch can distinguish between atrial fibrillation and normal heart rhythm. The researchers discovered that KardiaBand works just as well as doctors.

KardiaBand, which has been available since the end of last year, can be purchased from AliveCor for $ 199. Use of the KardiaBand also requires subscription to the AliveCor Premium Service, which is offered at $ 99 per year. In Germany, the band does not officially exist.

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