All of this year's high-end smartphones will probably have glass back

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All of this year's announced range spikes have back made of glass. Examples are: the two models in the Galaxy S9 series, the Nokia 8 Sirocco, the Sony Xperia XZ2 and Asus Zenfone 5. This trend was noticed by a journalist at The Verge

Other phones that are believed to have all the back of the glass are the followers of the LG G6, but also the next OnePlus

This trend may once again show that smartphone manufacturers have come up with ideas and are trying to copy the recipes used by market leaders. Glass limits the imagination of designers because it can not be processed as much as metal.

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Thus, we will see more and more premium smartphones this year and include two common elements: "bangs" and glass back.

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Glass on the back gives them more elegance and is friendly with the wireless charging feature. On the other hand, this material is more fragile than aluminum when it is hit. Instead, it resists better than metal scratches. At the same time, glass can be produced in large quantities at lower costs than aluminum, although many consumers do not know this and rather associate the first material with luxury

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The metal loses ground, besides not allowing wireless charging, and because, being a much denser material, it blocks the non-ionizing radiation through which the mobile phone communicates with the telecom network. That's why on most metal smartphones you'll see those antenna lines.

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