Allview's turnover fell by 50% in 2017

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The Allview brand was an example of a successful business in Romania, with Visual Fan being among the few companies in the country selling electronics under its own brand. It seems, however, that the smartphone market has reached the point where it is not enough to come up with affordable devices, other aspects such as post-purchase support and quality are now more important, and the availability of alternatives at similar prices . In 2017, the company reported revenue by half compared to 2016.

Visual Fan's turnover fell to 157 million in 2017 from 306 million in the previous year. Of this, only 9.7 million lei was net profit, 72% lower than in 2016. The reason for this decline seems to be the very high competition in the smartphone and tablet market. With models like Xiaomi or Nokia, which offer similar performance at a close price, it was expected that such local companies would be hit

But there are positive news about Visual Fan and Allview. In 2017, the company ended the year with debts of 37.3 million lei, 64% lower than in the previous year, while the average number of employees increased from 110 to 116 persons, evidence that the investment is still being made in this business.

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