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Rumors about a new Instagram service focused on vertical video content have proven to be true. Facebook announced at a press conference IGTV (Instagram TV), a new video streaming component for Instagram users, who wants to offer an alternative to YouTube, but it offers its content both in the main application and in a new application Dedicated. Practically, IGTV users already have a subscribed channel base, as accounts are common and all those who publish video clips for the new platform will automatically appear in the users' news stream

IGTV is a "mobile first" platform, which means it's specially built to be used on smartphones. The consequence of this decision is that all the videos published on IGTV will be vertically oriented in 6:19 format, with the maximum accepted resolution being 4K. Content creators can all be platform users, and they can upload clips both from the smartphone via the app and from the desktop where there is a separate upload interface. This is the only type of content that can be uploaded to Instagram from a browser.

There are several tabs that deliver relevant content to users from the accounts they are viewing, a list of popular clips, and a tab listing all the videos started and unfinished. Since each IGTV clip can last up to an hour, and on mobile you usually consume content in smaller pieces for only a few minutes, this tab is very useful to continue viewing later.

Instagram now has a new IGTV color button on the top that delivers video content from those you follow, be they close friends, influences, or brands. All this content is available in an absolutely identical interface and in a separate IGTV app, which can be installed on AppStore or Google Play. Also, all of this content can be accessed from the browser, IGTV videos being available in a separate tab on the profile of each account

Already, several journalistic publications have begun producing content for IGTV, while many content creators from other platforms such as YouTube or Twitch have shown support for a new video platform with introductory videos. Since Instagram has announced that it now has over one billion active users every month, it is expected that this component will grow rapidly, but until this new functionality reaches a large number of active users, it probably does not ads will appear on IGTV streams.

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