Alto’s Odyssey finally appears – pre-order today launched

Alto's Adventure is a classic Endless Runner a small snowboarder who automatically shuts down the mountain avoiding obstacles, capturing runaway llamas and collecting coins. By tapping on the display, the player can let the main character Alto jump, with a long press he performs a somersault. There are no other control options. Despite this simple game principle, the app convinces with very atmospheric music and sound effects, a beautiful game world and a great atmosphere.

Already at the beginning of last year, the developers announced a successor, but in August Alto's Odyssey had to be postponed indefinitely. Today, there is not only a new trailer, but also a release date. As of February 22, players can navigate Alto in a desert this time.

Little is known about the exact game content, the trailer shows many elements taken from the predecessor, but new obstacles and jumps also appear on board to be. Starting today, the game can initially be reserved exclusively for iOS and the Apple TV for 5,49 euros. The app will be automatically installed on February 22nd. When an implementation for Android follows is still unknown.

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Alto's Odyssey

Developer: Snowman


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