Altos’s Odyssey Test: Endless Runner for iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

Altos’s Odyssey Test: Endless Runner for iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

Altos's Odyssey relies fundamentally on the mechanics of its predecessor, but swaps its snowscape against the dunes of a desert - instead of on a Snowboard is therefore now logically on a sand board on the way. What in the first few minutes almost identical to the first title of the series, reveals more and more playful depth - to slither along walls is about as new, as the hopping on hot air balloons, the player up into the air, sandstorms and generally one More on Verticality.

So smooth the mechanics are so impressive are the landscapes that change during the course of the game: Changing weather and the atmospheric illumination lend the otherwise visually appealing game a touch of their skilful minimalism. Many small tasks, unlockable extras, such as other game modes and characters that differ in their skills, once again provide long-term motivation.

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Alto's Odyssey

Developer: Snowman

Altos's Odyssey for iOS and tvOS: Price, Availability and Conclusion

Altos's Odyssey integrates Game Center and its success, including Made-for-iPhone controllers. The game costs 5.49 euros and is available since 21.2.2018 in the App Store [Link in den App Store]. The price may seem high at first glance, but it is relativized by the complete omission of microtransactions via in-app purchases or the game flow disturbing commercials: Altos's Odyssey is already one of the games of 2018.


Test result
Product name Altos's Odyssey
Manufacturer Snowman
Price 5,49 €
Website altosodyssey .com

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