Amazon Action: Secure Protective Case for Insta360 ONE at Low Price

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Savvy foxes beware: Hardwrk offers the mail order company Amazon now especially for the Insta360 ONE Designed protective cover for a short time 25 percent cheaper. Even if you do not own a 360-degree camera for your iPhone, you can save money, because according to Hardwrk, all buyers of the Insta360 ONE now get a protective case for free when they buy it on Amazon.

For those who already have the Insta360 ONE at home, there is now a protective case specially designed for the 360-degree camera. The 80g lightweight protective case provides a convenient network for stowing cables and micro-SD cards and a rubber band for fixing the camera. The iPhone slip-on camera is protected against shocks, shocks and splashes.

Here’s the offer: With the Amazon Code G2F6Q325 there is the protective cover up to and including Sunday with 25% discount .

But even those who still toy with the purchase of the Insta360 ONE, from now on when buying the 360-degree camera on Amazon, the brand new protective case.

           Product Note

Insta360 ONE Protective Case – Hardwrk Edition – Hard Case for the 360 ​​Degree Camera Insta360 ONE

Mac-Life author Caspar von Allwörden has taken a closer look at the Insta360 ONE for us and comes to the conclusion that one finds a good companion for home use with the Insta360 One and that the ease of use and the many Functions round off the positive impression.

You can read the detailed test here:

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