Amazon and Google should influence society more than Apple

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An der Top of the poll is Amazon, which received 20 percent of the vote. Second place is Google with 15 percent. Apple completes the top 3 with 11 percent of the vote. The survey does not claim to be representative. In this respect, the results should be treated with caution.

Perhaps most notable is that Facebook still has 10 percent of the vote – just one percent less than Apple – despite its huge data protection issues. 20 percent of respondents chose none of the above companies.

As for the CEOs, Jeff Bezos was named by Amazon as the “most likely key executive who has the biggest impact on people’s daily lives,” with 22 percent of respondents opting for him. Google’s Sundar Pichai received 18 percent of the vote, while Mark Zuckerberg received 17 percent of the vote from Facebook. Tim Cook did not finish in the top three.

As Recode notes, the results of this poll are not all that surprising, except maybe the results from Facebook. Amazon is consistently one of the most popular technology companies in the US public and this survey is another indication of this. Apple will have to work hard to improve its position, if that’s what the company aims to be.

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