Amazon has over 100 million Prime members

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In 2017 alone, Amazon gained more prime members than any year before, with more than five billion items on pay Membership service sent worldwide.

Amazon also sold “tens of millions” of echo devices, see p christened Bezos in the letter to its shareholders.

Prime members buy quite a bit on Amazon. On average, they spend $ 1,300 a year. Non-prime members only bought for $ 1,000 a year. The members are also very loyal and renew their subscription to more than 90 percent. With 100 million paying subscribers, Amazon annually makes $ 9.9 billion in revenue from Prime membership subscriptions alone.

In March 2014, Amazon lifted Amazon Prime’s subscription price from $ 79 to $ 99 Dollar. In this country, the annual fee for Amazon Prime middle 69 euros. At the beginning, Amazon Prime cost 29 euros. Then the membership fee was raised to 49 euros per year. Most recently, as of February 2017 the price of the fee was raised to 69 euros. Whether that is already the end of the flagpole, may be doubted. We assume that Amazon will integrate more services into Prime that could push the price higher.

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