Amazon is working on Fire TV Video Recorder

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Amazon’s Fire TV series is but it may change soon – the company is said to be working on a VCR function to allow customers to record TV programs.
VCR are not a relic of the past but for millions of people everyday life, but so far, Fire TV and Apple TV have not taken up this function, so that a steadily growing Ger Ätepark is created under the TV.

Now, Amazon seems to have seized the opportunity to develop a VCR for digitally recording television broadcasts that also features Fire TV features like streaming. As reported by the news agency Bloomberg, citing internal sources on Amazon, the company is developing a TV box codenamed Frank. With the device, the recorded videos should also be streamed to mobile devices. That would be an advantage over regular video recorders.

However, there are still some issues to be aware of, which could not only put a stop to the project in the German market. On the one hand, some programs can not be recorded, on the other hand not necessarily in full HD. It may not be suitable for the European market.

Whether or not the device, which is currently undergoing internal testing, according to the insider, is really coming onto the market is not yet certain. Especially the streaming function on mobile devices seems to be still in the discussion. When the device will come on the market and what it costs, is not yet known.

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