Amazons Alexa app finally optimized for iPhone X

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Apple urges A short time developers to optimize apps for the display of the iPhone X. However, this compulsion only applies to new apps submitted to the App Store. Existing apps are not yet required to provide an optimization via update. Therefore, it is little wonder that even big developers like Amazon have not yet followed the call and have not yet adapted their apps. However, the shipping giant has now turned in and provides more than six months after the release of the iPhone X an update for the Alexa app in the App Store.

Now the 5.8-inch display is fully supported and exploited to the last corner, while previously thick black stripes were visible. In addition to customizing the OLED display and notch, the update also provides minor minor fixes and generally improves performance. However, you miss here to go into detail.

However, Amazon is not the only developer who is late in supporting the iPhone X innovation. Google, for example, has optimized its apps bit by bit over the last few months and Apple itself has not yet updated all apps accordingly. For example, the app “Music Memos” should be mentioned here. While some developers are slowly taking over the new design, especially the large social media platforms were quickly implemented.

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