AMD Announces Second Generation of Ryzen Threadripper Processors Equipped with Up to 32 Cores

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The Computex 2018 exhibition announces strange times for the processor industry. First, Intel has demonstrated a 28-core Core i9 processor and a hexa-channel memory controller installed on a desktop motherboard that has not yet been seen in the desktop segment. AMD responded to the challenge by announcing new Threadripper processors, equipped with up to 32 cores, but compatible with today's motherboards

Expected for some time, the second generation of Ryzen Threadripper processors will have its debut in August. Based on the Zen + (Pinnacle Ridge) kernel, made using the 12nm manufacturing process, they promise better energy efficiency but fully exploited to increase operating frequencies and performance performance. But AMD engineers do not stop here. Together with Intel rivals, they are completing the offer of 8, 12 and 16 core processors launching new, more advanced models with 24 and 32 cores.

Contrary to Intel's strategy, AMD facilitates the upgrade path by keeping the X399 chipset unchanged and the TR4 socket motherboards available in stores. However, given the estimated 250W power consumption for the 32-core Threadripper, we can expect to see the launch of new revisions for the current motherboards, tailored to a VRM circuit that leaves more room for overclocking.

According to the Preliminary List of Specifications, the 32 processor and multithread support Threadripper 2 processors have a guaranteed minimum frequency of 3.0 GHz, but can go up to 3.4GHz for all cores if the cooling system is performing well. Surely, the boost frequency for running applications that use between 1 and 4 processing cores will be much higher, exceeding the 4 GHz threshold

At the moment, neither Intel nor AMD reveals the prices demanded for future HEDT (high-end-desktop) processor models. Given the fact that the Ryzen + for the AM4 socket is already in stores and the 12nm Ryzen kernel is taken up without any changes in the Threadripper 2 processors, we can expect AMD to take the initiative to Intel with a performance / price ratio equalized.

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