AMD developed Wraith Ripper, a huge cooler dedicated to 32-core Threadripper processors

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AMD recommends last year's liquid-cooled Threadripper processor series to keep the famous 16-core processors at low temperatures during use. It seems, however, that for the generation of Threadripper 2, the company will also develop a dedicated cooler that covers the entire surface of the metal cover of the processor called the Wraith Ripper. It will be developed in partnership with Cooler Master and will be sold separately.

Since Threadripper 2 makes the transition from 16 to 32 cores (and 64 threads), it is expected to see a significant increase in power consumption and, implicitly, operating temperature. With a recommended 250W (TDP) consumption, Threadripper 2 will need a serious cooling, and Wraith Ripper seems to be the solution. We are talking about a very large cooler made of aluminum radiators that integrates a fan.

The fan is "hidden" behind a RGB luminaire housing, the whole cooler being shipped as a complete, large and heavy unit, which should suggest high performance. Since the Wraith Ripper will not be delivered to the Threadripper processor package, customers will have to buy it separately from Cooler Master, AMD by using the cooling solution manufacturer's distribution lines for this model

Compared to other companies that produce processor coolers, AMD promises compatibility with all memory modules, regardless of whether they use low or high profile, so those who need more advanced memory cooling will be able to quietly appeal to AMD. Surely, this cooler will not be the best on the market for the TR4 platform. Those who will want overclocking will most likely need to turn to more efficient third-party liquid solutions.

Most likely, Wraith Ripper will be available when Threadripper 2 is launched. The price has not yet been revealed, but there are less chances to be cheaper than other similar solutions, especially if we take into account that it integrates colorful, software-controlled lights dedicated.

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