An American will spend half a year in jail because he refused to unblock his phone

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William Montanez, an American citizen and Florida resident, was arrested a month ago for having forgotten his password on the phone. Moreover, the whole situation started from a violation of the traffic rules, leaving a street without giving priority to those who were on the main road.

After being stopped by the police, the agents asked to search machine without having a basis for other suspicions. He refused, and a canine crew was summoned to search for drugs. There were found 4.5 grams of marijuana and THC oil, but he recognized it as his own, and a pistol belonging to his mother This is not the reason why he will spend half a year in prison.

At some point during the search, Montanez received a message on the phone that the police officers had he could read. It contained the message "OMG did they find it" (God, did they find it?). When police asked for permission to search for messages on the phone, Montanez refused, saying he did not remember his password. He also had a second phone he also refused to unblock him for the same reason.

The police finally received a search warrant for these devices based on allegations of "possession of cannabis in an amount of less than 20 grams "and" the possession of objects suggesting drug use ". The reason why Montanez was sent to prison is that he refused to unblock the devices even after the police received a mandate from a judge claiming he did not recall his password

The whole situation is very strange, however, as William Montanez was stopped just for violating a traffic rule, and Florida law does not give police officers the freedom to investigate other suspicions just for such an offense. Also, the fact that he was initially detained for refusing to unblock handsets without having a mandate appears to be in violation of the law, and the culmination of this situation with a mandate obtained on actions that do not seem to be legal is at least worrying.

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