An app rewards students if they do not use (too much) the smartphone

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Three students at the Copenhagen Business School have launched "Hold", an application that encourages young people to give up their mobile phone and rewards them for it, reports Mediafax .

By using it, students accumulate points that they can change in cinema tickets, popcorn, or free coffee. Hold is popular in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, with more than 120,000 users, and will be launched in the UK

Using the Hold app, young people get 10 points for every 20 minutes they do not use their mobile phone between 07:00 and 23:00 every day of the week. Points can be exchanged for goods and services through the marketplace with brands such as Caffe Nero, Vue Cinemas or Amazon

To earn two free coffees, students need 300 points, equivalent to 10 hours spent in the Hold app. For a free popcorn at the cinema, they will have to spend two hours in the app to accumulate 60 points.

Students can also change their points for purchasing books or stationery that will be donated to schools through UNICEF.

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A study by the London School of Economics suggested that students who did not use their smartphones at school had a 6.4 percent increase in school performance.

The application is free, will be launched in 170 UK universities and will be available on both Android and iOS devices

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