An Austrian company invests nearly $ 5 million in the recovery of vinyl records


Still preferred by some audio and nostalgic, vinyl discs will soon be available in High Definition, with clearer sound and more playback time

Designed as "High Definition Vinyl," new discs keep compatibility with current equipment and are more environmentally friendly by removing certain hazardous chemicals from the manufacturing process

The main difference is how the original recording is created, after which the discs that eventually reach the store shelves are pressed. Instead of engraving with a recording needle, the audio track is digitally processed and converted to a 3D topographic map, then transferred to the master disk. The more accurate method of creating the audio track increases the amplitude and volume of the resulting recording by up to 30%. At the same time, the disc capacity, which can accommodate up to 30% more songs, is also increased

Developed by the $ 4.8 million Austrian startup Rebeat Innovation, new laser technology equipment will be ready to produce High Definition vinyl records from July. Following a test period, the first High Definition Vinyl albums could reach the profile stores no later than next summer.

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