An engineer built a facial recognition system for his cat

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Arkaitz Garro, a software engineer at WeTransfer, built a facial recognition system for his cat. When the pet approaches the door, the man receives a notice and lets him go home.

The project is based on a mini-computer Raspberry Pi. The system also uses a camera, a software program, and sensors that detect motion. "We wanted to be notified when the cat is waiting for the door to let her in," said the engineer who lives in the Netherlands

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The device, which the engineer worked for a few hours, recognizes only a cat, a cat named Bobis. It belongs, in fact, to another family, but spends a lot of time in the Garro family home. According to the engineer, the neighbors were happy to "divide" Bobis

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After the system takes a picture of the cat, the image is analyzed, and if it matches those in the database, Garro receives the following text message: "Open the door!". The system can also be adapted to recognize people.

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