ANCOM will issue a binding regulatory decision on access to Netcity


ANCOM will issue a binding regulatory decision on the technical and economic conditions in which the access of the providers of communication networks to the Netcity infrastructure will be achieved, the President of the Authority, Sorin Grindeanu, stated for Mediafax . ]

"The realization of this project will mean certain benefits for the users of telecom services in the Capital, if implemented correctly. Moreover, the interest of the user is always at the center of our concerns, as an ANCOM telecoms regulator is to issue a decision on the technical and economic conditions in which the access of the providers of communication networks to the Netcity infrastructure will be achieved. With this decision, we will pursue two clear objectives: on the one hand, the conditions for access by the providers to the network are not excessive, that is to say, limited to what is strictly necessary and justified. And on the other hand, these access conditions allow the successful continuation of the project and the efficient operation of such infrastructure. The regulatory decision that we will issue will be binding on the developer of the project and will be finalized following a public consultation process, "said ANCOM president Sorin Grindeanu, president of Mediafax, for President of the National Authority for Administration and Re-regulation in Communications (ANCOM).

Asked by Mediafax how the Netcity project can be regulated more quickly so that Romania avoids possible sanctions on the part of the European Union given that in 2013 the associations of Internet providers have asked the European Commission to sanction Romania with infringement due to the delay of the project , ANCOM President Sorin Grindeanu replied: "I am convinced that we will find the best regulatory solution, but we must also take into account the complexity of the technical, economic and legal evaluation process. In addition, because we want to have a unitary approach in this area, we are studying in parallel the similar but smaller projects in Sibiu and Oradea. I know there is a big wait on the part of the Internet operators, we have had discussions with the representatives of these companies, including the last week. I can tell you that we come to a conclusion, I estimate that in a few months we will finalize the process and have a final form of the regulatory decision. "

Commenting on the fact that ANCOM is in the position to issue a new opinion for Netcity in 2018, given the existence of a similar one in 2012, ANCOM President said: "We are currently in the situation where an opinion issued by ANCOM under the Law no. 154/2012 has not been implemented and the Authority has been unable to act in any way. Why? Because initially ANCOM did not have a legal basis to verify and sanction the eventual non-application of the provisions in the opinion. In 2016, the law has been amended, and the decision we are about to issue will be binding, so we will be able to enforce its application. That is why it is important for us as well as for all the parties involved that it is important that the regulatory decision, which is binding, should be very well founded and not only take into account the issues raised by one or other of the parties interested in the evolution project. We take into account and analyze all points of view. "

"We are in constant contact with the Brussels authorities, including the general theme of the infrastructure law, where this project would fit. But Netcity itself is not subject to European regulations. However, this is by no means a delay from ANCOM. We do the work and we do it thoroughly and apply it, always having the interest of the users at the heart of our concerns, "said Sorin Grindeanu, asked by Mediafax how great the risk is that the EU bodies will have drastic sanctions for delays during the project

Referring to statements by former President of ANCOM Cătălin Marinescu, made after leaving, according to which there were pressure from businessmen and politicians for not issuing an opinion for Netcity, the current president of ANCOM, Sorin Grindeau said: "I have not seen Mr Marinescu's statements. But to answer directly to you: no, there was no pressure on this or any other topic. Obviously, interest in the Netcity project is very high and it is normal to be so. It is a project that will benefit the capital, if implemented correctly, just as similar projects in Sibiu and Oradea will have positive effects in the two cities. "

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