And YouTube will fight conspiracy theories by attaching suspicious video clips and content from verified sources

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YouTube will be included in the search results and verified content lists, thus combating many of the favorite topics for conspiracy theories. At the same time, Google allocates a $ 25 million budget to news agencies that combat conspiracy theories in their own videos

The plan to reduce misinformation on YouTube also includes new facilities for distributing news news updates to a wider audience. In parallel, YouTube pages and videos that promote conspiracy theories are fought with text-based information taken from trusted sources such as Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica

Starting from the idea that the case of major events, news sites first publish text information and produce videos in the next few hours, YouTube will supplement the list of search results and news articles that do not necessarily include video content. According to YouTube administrators, "it's very easy to quickly create and upload poor-quality videos to spread misinformation about last-minute events."

In order to promote the development of quality content, YouTube sets up a working group to provide assistance and funding for the development of "sustainable" video operations in 20 media worldwide

Even if Facebook's experience of combating Fake News shows that simply providing verified information and links to the content of reputable publications can not convince followers of conspiracy theories to give up the beliefs they have already formed, how changes to YouTube's content presentation could help other users not fall into the same trap

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