Android 8.1 Oreo, adapted for installation as a PC operating system


Developed in open source, the Android-x86 project has switched to Android 8.1 Oreo, allowing users to run Android apps on their PC using the latest version of the Google Mobile Devices Platform

Even though it is not the only project of its kind, Android-x86 is one of the few free options for running Android apps on PC, using a clean and safe version of Android, adapted to work properly on the desktop PC platform

Android-x86 8.1 RC 1 is the first public release of this project, based on version 8.1 of the Android platform. Still uncomfortable with the final form, the new version improves application management running in the background and how notifications are displayed. At the same time, other features specific to the Android Oreo version, such as smart text selection, are also taken over

To help accommodate ordinary users with the Windows platform, the graphical interface is provided with the taskbar and the application drawer button. In addition, Android apps run in easy-to-manage individual windows, making it easier to use your PC in multitasking mode

The list of supported devices is somewhat more comprehensive than previous versions: multi-touch interface screens, sound modules, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, webcams, etc.

Available for free, Android-x86 8.1 RC 1 can be installed as a bootable operating system on UEFI-compliant PCs. Of course, those who want to try the new OS without making permanent changes to the PC's software configuration can turn to one of the virtual machine applications (eg VMWare or VirtualBox) to run Android 8.1 overlapping the already installed Windows version

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