Available as free alternatives to the mobile internet connection, public Wi-Fi hotspots have fallen into disfavour as the 4G network speeds and traffic volume included in subscriptions have become big enough for everyday use. However, use of Wi-Fi networks is preferable when accessing video streaming services, or we want to extend battery life.

Helping users who can not even get any internet connection, Google will add a speed indicator for each Wi-Fi network in the list of available connections for Android 8.1 devices

Different from the graphic signal strength signal, the speed indicator discovers between four Wi-Fi network categories:

  • Slow - You can send text messages and initiate Voice Voice calls
  • OK - the right network for web browsing, social networking, and music streaming
  • Fast - You can watch most types of video content
  • Very Fast - High-quality video playback (eg 4K UHD)

Unfortunately, the new Wi-Fi network rating system is only available for Android 8.1 devices, such as Google Pixel and Pixel 2, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X.

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