Android P could "borrow" the gesture navigation interface, first seen on iPhone X phones


Also shown by a Google developer, the Android P interface puts an Android-style "ribbon" between the Android navigation buttons, capable of performing different functions according to the gesture of the touch interface. For example, on iPhone X, a sliding up and then to the right brings up the list of recent apps

Even if it does not leave more clues about the functionality offered, the picture provided confirms the waiver of at least one of the traditional navigation keys. According to the quoted source, starting with the Android version, the navigation bar will be hidden when we are in the main screen

So far, the new interface style is at the testing stage and it is not guaranteed that it will be taken over by Android P in the form presented. A serious concern is compatibility with current Android platform applications developed for the old 3-button navigation system. It is certain that Google also tested different implementations of the navigation keys on earlier versions of Android, eventually waiving the proposed changes. The navigation bar with swipe controls would make sense in the context of migrating to bezel-less screenless phones, but it remains to be seen if the rest of the application ecosystem can make the transition as easy.

Even if many would like the opposite, it is basically a certainty to adapt the Android interface to the top-of-the-front screens, which are already widely used. More information will be provided at the Google I / O conference scheduled for next month

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