Android phones could adopt Face ID technology next year

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If you were curious why none of the Android device makers who have adopted the "bang" on iPhone X have come up with a similar feature to Face ID for authentication, we now have a response. The reason is the lack of stocks for the various materials and components from which the lasers needed to develop such a three-dimensional scanning system are produced, and at least until next year we will not see such large-scale technologies on competing devices

According to Reuters, the three companies responsible for the development of this type of 3D cameras, Viavi Solutions, AMs AG and Fnisar Corp, do not have the raw material or key components that are used for assembly. Of the three, Finisar is one of the partners working with Apple to develop Face ID in the iPhone X.

It seems that stock issues will be resolved by the end of this year, Viavi representatives saying they expect at least one other producer to adopt this technology in 2018 (we speculate that it is Huawei, as it is the only company to talked about in public), with two or three other important Android devices scheduled to launch in 2019. Given the market rumors, Samsung may be one of the companies that will adopt this technology next year

Gartner's projections say that by 2021, 40% of smartphones will be equipped with a 3D camera, which will be used especially in augmented reality applications. AR solution market is growing, so it would not be out of the ordinary to see adoption acceleration for 3D Face ID cameras over the next few years to meet user demand for quality AR experience

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