Android smartphones with "bangs" are an insult to me as a user [OPINIE]

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Mobile World Congress is over, and after the big European technology fair, we have a bitter taste. Smartphone makers have no idea, and almost everyone copies the two market leaders, Apple and Samsung, busy also to get inspiration from each other. I have appreciated Huawei in recent years for not following the flock. The brand's peak ranges were sometimes released without features considered "standard" by other manufacturers. Examples are 2K screens, wireless charging, or water and dust resistance. I'm not saying that they are not welcome, but the Chinese company's courage to do things as she thought best is to be appreciated. So far. It looks like the whole P20 smartphone series will have "bang" inspired by the iPhone X.

If the "Infinity" screens, popularized by Samsung, look good (though I have some comments to make here), the same can not say about the cuts. I understand why Apple made this decision on the iPhone X, after decades of square and rectangular screens. Engineers have not found another solution to position the advanced face recognition system Face ID on a smartphone with a display that covers almost all of the front. But what the breton searches for, even many Apple fans, even smashed on Android smartphones that do not have a Face ID-like technology and only house a self-esteem, LED, and an ambient sensor ? A senseless design that even Apple will give up as soon as it finds a better solution. (UPDATE: Android does not even have official support for "notch" at this time, so there may be unexpected bugs in apps.) I think we are going through the saddest design time for smartphones

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Reverting to 18: 9 screens, though spectacular, they have removed from the phones items used and appreciated by users, such as front speakers, Home buttons with built-in fingerprint sensor and capacitive ones for recent applications and menu. Personally, I do not want a smartphone with display on the entire front surface, if that's why the items listed above are being sacrificed. I want one with a Home button (preferably incorporating a fingerprint sensor), either physically or under the screen. That's why (I did not think I'd say that soon), I think my next smartphone will be one Sony, maybe Xperia XZ2. I criticized the Japanese company for design almost unchanged for four years, based on very thick edges around the display, but the facelift made on the XZ2 model I like. The phone looks modern and keeps many of the items that I really appreciate.

I can not understand how Android smartphone manufacturers think that cropped screens will make them bigger. Have not they learned that Apple has halved component commands for the iPhone X and that this was one of the most controversial features of the smartphone? I know people who bought their iPhone X, but they are not used to the bang, which they hate. Moreover, after years of consumer and consumer screen screens were square and rectangular (except for watches), I think it is very hard to convince the world that it is better to consume content on a display that somebody bit, with a dead zone that distracts you

I think it is precisely this manufacturers' "blindness" that makes customers buy more and more smartphones from older and resigmented generations. Not surprisingly, in the penultimate quarter of 2017, the three best-selling smartphone models in the world were iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and Galaxy J2 Prime, according to Counterpoint Reasearch. Not only do revolutionary features not come on the new smartphones in 2018, but manufacturers seem determined to spoil the good things made in recent years that users love.

I'm using a Huawei P10 and I really like the phone, despite the fact that I miss my wireless charging feature. I was going to stick with this brand on my next smartphone purchase this summer, but if P20 will have the cut screen, I will not buy it. That "breton" seems to me an insult that the producer, without ideas, brings me as a user.

Fortunately, there is hope. Fingerprint sensors and Home screen buttons are a reality, and Samsung has patented technology to hide the facial recognition system and the front camera under the display

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