Android supports Nick (from the iPhone X)

At the moment it's just rumors. Bloomberg relies on sources not mentioned. According to them, Google is working to make Android operating system ready for a new generation of smartphones (and tablets) that have a facial recognition solution similar to Apple's iPhone X.

Does Google have a facial recognition smartphone?

The controversial notch would probably be encountered by Android users as well. In fact, there are even a few cheap manufacturers, but rather offer copies of the iPhone X. That Google is working on an Android update, rather indicates that a major manufacturer wants to install a solution analogous to Face ID in his devices. Possibly even Google itself. Also of Huawei is the speech.

Note to the heading

The headline is deliberately formulated as the notch after the release of Apple's Face-ID smartphone medial has caused a stir. Whether this was only played and artificially created, can not be determined easily. For many users of the iPhone X, however, the score does not matter much. I myself do not bother me.

Only with the functionality of Face ID were some users dissatisfied. On a criticism, Apple even entered. With the upcoming iOS 11.3 you can then also authorize family purchases via face recognition.


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