Android Wear will be renamed "Wear OS"

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Google rarely speaks publicly about the Android Wear platform, largely unchanged in the past two years. In fact, very few things have changed in terms of hardware capabilities offered by partners as there is still one dedicated chipset: the W2100 from Qualcomm, the manufacturer looking uninterested in an upgrade. But there is a possibility that Google will try to revive the platform with a rebranding in "Wear OS", which will probably start with Android P.

It seems that Google is already referring to Android Wear with the name Wear OS in the Android P Developer Preview version, the clock-shaped logo now being replaced with a W. This is not the only rebranding that Google plans in recent months, the Android Pay payment system receiving similar treatment, being now turned into Android Pay, while Google Wallet became Google Pay Send

Most likely, at Google I / O in May, Google will begin to talk publicly about Android P and the news it will bring, perhaps revealing the official name it will carry. Along with this, the new Wear OS, which could bring upgrades to the interface, new features for worn-out devices and perhaps improvements to more efficiently manage battery power to improve intelligent clocks, could also be launched.

Of course, it's a little too early to talk about Wear OS and what it could bring new, but it's curious to remove the name "Android" for the platform dedicated to worn devices. This move might suggest that Wear OS might be more "independent" than Android Wear, running without a smartphone, or that it could even work with smartphones that use other operating systems

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