Animoji in FaceTime on iOS 12 and above

Recently learned w I already said that Apple is pursuing a different strategy for iOS development. The company does not want to give up big new features prematurely and not even stir the advertising drum for it. Instead, the developers from Cupertino should have more opportunity to make the existing system more stable.

Apple has noticed that the previous one-year release cycle of iOS and macOS has led to too many bugs. Accordingly one thinks now, as the current report of Bloomberg underlines once again. Nevertheless, Mark Gurman reveals a few minor details that should in any case be incorporated into the upcoming version of iOS.

Animoji in FaceTime on iOS 12

With iOS 11 and the launch of the iPhone X introduced Apple to the Animoji. These animated avatars move their lips in sync with theirs. So far, however, you can only record messages and send them in the Message App

With iOS 12, you should be able to use Animoji as representations in FaceTime's Video Chat.

More Artificial Intelligence

At first, Siri was first and foremost a voice assistant, but Apple has recently emphasized more and more that it is an Artificial Intelligence. Siri is also the one who cleverly filters the search results and suggests, for example, the apps that you've used most recently. Siri often takes the place of Wikipedia results, though Apple has additional information in store. In iOS 12 now but "Siri" get even more room on the search screen. Gurman does not reveal what that looks like.

More Ways to Stay Private

Another theme that Apple's engineers will devote to iOS 12 is the "Do Not Disturb" mode. You should be given the option to "automatically" reject calls or mute notifications. It is conceivable that this also happens location-based, so that you will not be disturbed in the workplace, but at home.

According to reports, it is also possible with iOS 12 to play AR games as a couple. Also, Apple redesigned its stock app.


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