Antonia, a virtual clerk based on artificial intelligence, started his activity at Cluj-Napoca City Hall

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Romania's first public civil servant, Antonia, began its activity in the Cluj-Napoca City Hall on Wednesday, shortening by 40% the time of the circuit of documents in the institution, because the applications are registered directly with the heads of services or offices, according to Mediafax correspondent .

Mayor Emil Boc said on Wednesday that the municipality has set a number of 60 types of applications that citizens can send online to the Cluj City Hall with the help of the new virtual clerk based on artificial intelligence

"The Cluj-Napoca City Hall continues the digitization of local public administration procedures. Thus, starting on Wednesday, the first activity of [<19459005]> in Romania, named Antonia, began. We simplify the access of Cluj people to local public administration services with the help of technology, the new system has the role of reducing bureaucracy, earning time for the citizen and reducing administrative costs. We have set a number of 60 types of requests that citizens can address online to the City Hall without coming to the offices of the institution. This allows us to shorten by 40% the time of the circuit of acts in the institution, because the applications are registered directly with the heads of services or offices, under whose responsibility the processing of the request and the preparation of the response to the citizen is done, "said Boc

According to him, applications may be lodged by the city authorities at the counters of the City Hall, but also at home, online, and documents can be attached, and, in the instant, Antonia will give a registration number, send the application directly to the civil servant who has the obligation to answer.

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"The queues are removed from the counters of Cluj-Napoca City Hall, and the citizen can follow the way of solving the demand directly on the City Hall's website. Thus, the term of processing the City Hall response is reduced by 20 days, compared to 30 days as it is now, "said the Cluj editor.

Among the documents that may be sent online are requests for information of public interest under Law no. 544/2001, request for publicity, environmental announcement, issue of copies of documents from the archive, updating database owners' associations, issuance of certificates, circulation safety, application for place of sale in the market, request for organizing events, request for release parking

In the next period will follow the second stage of Antonie's development, in the form of a robot, with which citizens will have the opportunity to interact directly

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