AOC launches I1601FWUX, a new portable monitor for those who work "on the go"


The portable monitors with USB Type-C have been in existence for some years already, but there is not a very comprehensive offer from manufacturers. Probably low demand is also a factor in this situation, but this does not prevent companies from bringing new models to the market. AOC announced the new I1601FWUX, a Full HD model that can be taken and used anywhere, and users can create a small productivity office anywhere.

The AOC I1601FWUX has a rather unattractive name, but it comes with an interesting design and a very thoughtful support. The monitor can be oriented both in landscape mode and in portrait mode using this media, which will certainly be appreciated by those who have a certain workflow in the office that they might want to reproduce, and when they are away from the personal office

The AOC monitor has a diagonal of 15.6 ", similar to a regular laptop for productivity, so you can practically double the workspace on such a computer. The connection is obvious through the USB Type-C plug, but it is also used for power, so there is no need to connect the monitor to the wall outlet. The slim design of only 8.5mm thick provides the possibility to carry the monitor alongside the laptop in a regular bag

At the performance level, we are dealing with a Full HD HD monitor based on an IPS panel with 160 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles and 220 cm / m2 brightness. These values ​​are in line with what we find on many multimedia laptops, so the differences between them should be minimal.

AOC I1501FWUX will be available in Romania starting June 2018 at a price of 1,049 lei

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