App developers get more revenue from Microsoft soon

At the present time, developers at Apple, G oogle and Microsoft the same course. If you publish your apps in the respective app stores and if a user buys them, they spend 70 percent of their sales. That's about to change.

Microsoft Needs Apps and Developers

The Microsoft Store, which offers software for the Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone platforms, is still in the dust when it comes to app diversity. At the moment, the store has more than 669,000 apps. Apple's App Store has 2.1 million apps, and Google's Play Store has over 3.5 million software titles.

Perhaps also to give app developers an incentive to develop for Windows, Microsoft will increase the revenue share in 2018. For app sales and in-app purchases developers will in the future get 95 percent of the cake, Microsoft retains only 5 percent. The scheme also affects apps for the Windows Phone platform. This also applies to subscriptions, but not to games or apps that are issued as volume licenses to bulk buyers (schools, companies, etc.). Only if Microsoft even "mediates" the app developers receive only 85 percent revenue share. This happens when the company refers to the software on its website or in its apps, and then a purchase takes place.

The company indicates the changes in its Windows blog. At the same time, the Redmond-based company also presented the news as part of the keynote address to the developer conference Build 2018.

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