App Store superfluous: Apple plans subscriptions via TV app

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Apple m would like to expand its service business further. It helps to make it as easy as possible for the user. The TV app should help to expand their functionality even further. The agency Bloomberg reports on the plans of Apple

TV app will soon become the marketplace

At the present time, the TV app is more or less a reservoir for Apple’s content and those of others Providers. Among other things, you will see your most recently viewed series and films and will be made aware of similar content. Also, the interface shows you interesting media that you may not yet know. These do not necessarily have to come from partners whose offer you own.

In Germany, for example, this is Sky Ticket. If you then click on such content, you will be forwarded to the app of the provider and must first complete a subscription. Apple wants to simplify this cumbersome process and allow the completion of a subscription or the purchase of individual content on the TV app. In the future, they should no longer switch to third-party apps, but consume the content solely and exclusively via the TV app. A corresponding update is expected to hit the market in 2019.

Apple Must Convince Providers as Well

In the end, the most beautiful idea is only as valuable as its implementation. It will depend heavily on the terms that Apple offers the providers. In the US, the Apple TV already works wonderfully. The new TV app is also well integrated. The contents of several dozen providers are integrated via the universal search alone.

In Germany, Austria or Switzerland, we know exactly that the Apple TV is only as good as the providers who jump on Apple’s train. Unfortunately, “in this country” are very few.

Jeff Bezos once said that it was a question of money. That’s another reason why it took so long before there was a prime video app for the ATV. And for some providers then the customer data in the form of viewing habits are worth money. And they do not want to share it with Apple. Because Netflix can indeed with the universal search on the Apple TV with “browse”. But the offer is not part of Apple’s TV app, but would like to make suggestions based on viewing habits. That’s what Netflix does in its own app. Quite different than in Germany, for example, the media library of ZDF. It is part of the TV app database and shares the data with the company from Cupertino.

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