Apple A12, the next chipset for iPhone phones, could be 20% faster and 40% more efficient in terms of power consumption


Apple prepares 7nm manufacturing for the next generation of chipsets, bringing important performance and efficiency leaps

The next SoC developed for iPad Pro tablets is named A11X Bionic and could be equipped with up to 8 processing cores. Made using the 10 nm FinFET process, it is only an intermediate step to the A12, a chipset with even greater performance and low power consumption, for the future series of iPhone phones

The Apple A12 SoC would have up to 40% lower power consumption and performance up 20%, just by switching to a more efficient manufacturing hub. According to the TSMC developer, the 7nm FinFET manufacturing process allows for the plunge of 1.6x more transistors into the same silicon chip, Apple's use of a more sophisticated design with multiple processing units can bring additional performance gains.

Ideally, Apple could aim to achieve a balance between the performance level and the physical size of the resulting chip, saving both the cost of manufacturing and the power consumption

Unfortunately, it is too early to talk about the future chipset configuration, accurate specifications and performance levels being well-kept secrets.

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